How to apply

To apply for one of the bachelor/master/doctorate programs in hungary, please send email to with answers to following questions. After you send email, we will send you necassary application procedure.

1 – Your Full Name:
2 – Country and city where you live:
3 – Age:
4 – Desired degree (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate)
5 – Desired field of study (Architecture, Medicine, Business etc..)
6 – Do you request service in Hungary ?
– Yes, I request Erasmus Package / Full Package
– No, I just request free university placement service.

You must be a high school graduate minimum. You need to bring and show your original high school certificate upon arrival to Hungary.
Services & Fees
Due to is that we are official application center for the most of Hungarian Universities, our university placement service is FREE!. However if you ask extra service in Hungary, you can also choose one of our optional packages. (Not mandatory!)
– University Placement Service: It’s FREE for EU or Non EU candidates! We will apply regarding university and department behalf of you, then send you acceptance letter via email or fast courier service if you need the original document to apply visa.

– Extra Service Pack: You can also choose this package, Extra Service Pack fee is different for all countres, Please ask us price via email . (

1 – Welcoming at the airport,
2 – Airport transfer – from airport to your city where you will study-,
3 – Temporary accommodation solutions before arrival (2-4 weeks , )  After reservation,  you will pay it directly to hostel/apart/hotel then we will send you confirmation of reservation sheet which is necassary for the visa.
4 – Parmenent accomodation services upon arrival.  We will find you a flat with furniture, or dorm if there is an available place.
5 – City Orientation: Public transport, useful local knowledge, tips about city etc.
6 –  On campus registration: We will help on your personal registration as a freshman in your faculty.
7 – Resident Permit: Helping you with the procedures necessary for your compulsory student residence permit.
8 – Assisting you with the purchase of an appropriate Hungarian mobile telephone sim-card.
9 – Helping you to open a bank account in Hungary.