Why Hungary

• English Language Education
• Straightforward Admission Requirements
• Affordable Costs
• Multi National Environment
• Prestigious Diploma

A Hungarian Diploma has Prestige
A member of the EU since 2004, Hungary’s first university was founded in the city of Pécs, way back in 1367. Today, many private and state Hungarian universities provide an English language education for international students in many subjects, including medicine, music and cinema, and all at very affordable prices.
The cost of Education in Hungary is much more affordable than other Western European countries (800 Euro – 6 500 Euro/semester, depending on the programme and the university being applied). For example, Business Administration programme costs 3 000 Euro annually while Architecture programme can cost up to 4 600 Euro.

Hungarians have been awarded 16 Nobel prizes – so far!
Many things we take for granted in our daily lives are actually Hungarian inventions.
Here’s a few: Refrigerators, telephone exchanges, helicopters, voice film, film recorders, colour television, plasma TV, TV stations, ballpoint pens, dynamos, electric motors, the first Volkswagen Beetle design, safety belts, articulated buses, the first moon vehicle Lunar, morphine, match, glass concrete, holography…
Below you can read about the programmes offered by Hungarian universities and the costs involved.