What we do

Our Services
Hun Education supports the exchange of ideas and experiences, between nations and societies, on the basis of mutual respect. This is why we invite students from all over the world to come to Hungary and attend short and long-term education programmes. As well as providing opportunities for students to come and study successfully in Hungary, we also want every student to have the chance adjust to the Hungarian lifestyle and socialize with other students from different countries, all of which we believe helps them on become responsible adults.
With our expert academic advisers, all experts in their field, and an experienced team of guidance personnel, Hun Education offers the very best education service options in Hungary.

Service Fees
Due to is that we are official application center for the most of Hungarian Universities, our university placement service is FREE. However if you ask extra service in Hungary, you can purchase our Extra Service Pack.

Extra Service Pack includes:
•    Applying to our partner state or private universities in Hungary – for your bachelor, master’s degree, doctorate – on your behalf and delivering the necessary acceptance documents to you for the visa.
•    Arranging your first temporary and subsequently permanent accommodation. ( furnished rental flat or student dormitory if applicable)
•    Arranging your airport pickup and private transfer to the accommodation
•    City orientation (Public transport, useful local knowledge etc.)
•    Registration procedures.
•    Helping you with the procedures necessary for your compulsory student residence permit
•    Assisting you with the purchase of an appropriate Hungarian mobile telephone sim-card
•    Helping you to open a bank account in Hungary

Extra Service Pack fee is different for all countres, Please ask us price via email (info@huneducation.com)

Your acceptance documents are obtained from our Hungarian partner private or state universities as quickly as possible. Of course, as in all university applications, a complete and correct application is essential, and at Hun Education we make a point of assisting you with your application.

If possible, we will provide you with dormitory accommodation while you are in Hungary but if not we rent furnished flats within walking distance, or easily accessible by bus and metro, to your university.

We will pick you up from Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport/Train/Bus Station and take you to your accommodation (temporary or permanent address) with our private vehicle.

Our guides will be there to provide information about the city and to help you adjust easily to your new life in Hungary. They also provide information about how to get around, like, buses, metros, tramcars etc. and show you where to buy single use tickets or monthly season tickets, and how much they cost. They also provide comprehensive information about life in Hungary and assist you with your first trip to the market shop.

After you arrive, Hun Education is there to help you with registration procedures.

There is a time limit for students coming to Hungary to replace their temporary visa with a student residence permit, and we will help you with this process.

We advise you on where and how to buy yourself an economic telephone sim-card that you will be able to use to call abroad. We also help you to open a Hungarian bank account.